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TR6 Engine Hoses Kit or Hose by the foot?


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Hi all, I stripped the engine yesterday to clean it all up and put in new gaskets/hoses and when I went to order new hoses (from Moss) I noticed that some sections were unavailable and it seemed silly to buy a 4" section of hose all by itself.

Is it possible to buy full hose kits for the entire engine somewhere? Or better, can you just buy a couple different kinds of hose by the foot (based on the application) and just cut them to size yourself?

Is that even a thing? Or am I better off just buying the application specific hose sections?


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All the hoses I can think of have pre-bends or bellows in them, except perhaps the upper water pump inlet hose. I think you could make hose by the foot work, though, if you are not into originality.


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Moss shows hose sets to be in stock, your choice of black or green (like the factory original equipment), Roadster is showing green hose sets, but do not list black hose sets anymore. Note that even on the green hose set, the two hoses for the heater core inside the car are black as they were from the factory


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Hard to imagine that Moss doesn't have the hose kit; maybe a call to them might help.
If you need another source Rimmer Bros. in the UK has them. Since I don't know if you want black or green I just selected the black set and then you can look at the others if you like.


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I also bought the silicone from BPNW and am happy with them



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BPNW best source. Do not forget the two at the heater core behind the glove box. I have used non OEM hose that was high temp HYD hose for straight runs but tight bends to block would not work. And some say new clamps also. Know that not only temp but radiator psi is on them also 9 to 12 lbs and you can npt tell the inside of any hose water or fuel. MF
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