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Electrical Issues Need Help


Freshman Member
Hi All,

I am new to Healeys and this forum. I am starting to go through my 68 Sprite and this morning after starting the car the generator light stayed on after the car was running. That never happened so I shut off the ignition and went to restart the car. NOTHING??? No power to the ignition switch at all. No headlights or blower motor. I located a fuse panel in the engine compartment and only 2 glass fuses, one fuse has power in and out the other doesn't. Fuses are both good, but changed just in case although they have continuity. Is there a main fuse panel I am not seeing? My diagrams are terrible and I ordered a new one but thought I would post this to see if this is a common issue or a quick resolution? Almost like I am not seeing a power panel as I can't believe the whole car runs on only 2 fuses. Thanks for any assistance.


Great Pumpkin
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Have you checked the battery connections?


Freshman Member
Yes, Battery is good and power to one side of the fuse block but not the other. That's why I am thinking there is another fuse panel or relay that I am not seeing??

Thank you for your response, I keep probing wires��


Jedi Warrior
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First of all, you will probably get more specific help on the Spridgets forum.

However, I'll take a stab. I think sprites are wired the same as other Healeys and, if so, then 2 fuses is correct - one is hot all the time and fuses the horns, the other is hot when the key is on and fuses everything else. It's always possible a previous owner may have added others.
If you have juice at the horn fuse but not the ignition switch, beyond the cleaning the battery terminals and chassis ground, the next place I would look is the battery cable connection on the solenoid, disconnect and clean - there will be at least one ring terminal & fairly large wire in addition to the battery cable and that is your main feed to the rest of the car, ignition switch, lights, etc. Whatever color that wire is, clean & tighten any connections you find.

Good luck and, again, repost to the Sprigets and hopefully you'll get some better guidance.



Freshman Member
Thank you for the feedback. All was working fine, then gen light came on and car died. Tried to restart and nothing🤷🏼*♂️


Freshman Member
Thank you to all that contributed. I found the issue, there was a loose lead at the back of the alternator that was causing the issue. Starts fine and charging good. Appreciate the help
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