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Spitfire Electric brake switch issue


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Helping a friend with a 75 Spitfire. He has an electric brake switch on the pedal. The original is gone, ie; no switch and no nut to hold it on.
The replacement: https://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-134529
This is plastic and has threads to go into a nut of some kind. I cannot figure out what thread it is. I have tried metric and UNF but they don't fit. Any ideas?



From memory I thought the threads were 1/2-20. Being plastic, you may find it difficult to get a metal nut to thread easily on the switch.

For future reference, the switches are much less expensive at BP Northwest than Rimmer or the other sources.

BP Northwest Link

An alternative you may want to pursue is the "generic" AirTex brake switch for an early 1970s BMW 2002. They are affordable through RockAuto. They are metric but will fit and come with the jam nuts.

RockAuto Link to BMW Switch


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
thanks Doug, I have directed him to BPN many times but he keeps going back to Rimmer. Some of the parts he needs are for a right hand drive car so he gets fixed on buying from Rimmer.
You are correct about the metal nut on plastic. The nut tightens and the switch falls apart before seating.

Tony P

Hey guys, I went to ROCKAUTO and found a very nice brass and plastic switch from a 1980 BMW. Now i can get rid of the sub par plastic junk I got from both Rimmer and BPN.

Thanks again
Tony P

Geo Hahn

Country flag
FYI - I have used this one to add a mechanical switch to an originally hydraulic switch system. Has been reliable:




Tony and Geo, the switches I mentioned back in June were BMW parts. The Amazon switch Geo linked to is the same switch I bought from RockAuto. It is probably cheaper through Amazon once you factor in shipping.
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