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MGB-GT Easy come, easy go -- my GT is sold


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Been a bit of an odd week. I had an opportunity come up early last week that required some extra cash on hand, so after some discussion with my wife I contacted a friend in my local car club that had shown some interest in the GT. Even though I ultimately passed on that opportunity I decided to follow through with the potential sale.

The folks came by today to look at the car and his daughter bought it -- her '70 GT is truly rusty and mine was in much better shape. It goes to a great new home and I've got all the resources needed for finishing up Penny Bugeye. Couldn't be happier with the new home for the car.

A short tenure for sure. With the motorcycle gone and now the GT as well, I've got all this space and time now. Ultimately, that's worth a lot to me.


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Congrats (dubiously) Only because it means you won't have a driver this summer - other than that, good news!


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Congrats (dubiously) Only because it means you won't have a driver this summer - other than that, good news!

Thanks. I actually got out on my bicycle this week, so maybe I'll use that lack of a driver to get back into shape. We can dream...
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