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SOLD!! Early TR4 Short Bubble [Bulge] Bonnet/Hood


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Early TR4 Short Bubble [Bulge] Bonnet/Hood **Located**

I recently came across an early '61 TR4 and since I was unsupervised, brought it home. It's a basket case but has a commission number below 200 so I went with it. Original bonnet was long gone, as was most of the car. However, I am willing to put it away and start collecting parts. Therefore, I thought I would start with one of the most difficult pieces to this puzzle. If anybody knows of one, please let me know.

Located :applause:
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I have one but it is in terrible condition and only just repairable by a talented metalman.
I have not yet devoted the time to bring it back up to shape due to my busy business. and the fact
that the last early (CT74L) tr4 we restored had a hood that was fixable.I will sell it as is or repaired
call the shop 785 234 2005
I did locate a near 'perfect' one. However, I have changed my direction and have it listed on FB and now here, if interested.


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I have also acquired a really nice short bubble hood that I would like to see get a good home
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