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TR4/4A early tr4 check straps


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I have ct2292 and I'm looking to replace the check straps. I can only source the correct one for the left side. Moss has them(pic attached)

But I have both the left and right out and they are the same except one has an 'L' and the other an 'R'. Oh and the pins are in opposite, I can pull them out and reverse those easily enough. I'm missing the actual straps though.

Has anyone tried a early left side check strap on the right side? thanks Dave

thanks Dave 803-010_1.jpg


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Yes but you have to add 2 nuts to each side and its no fun. If the replacement had been made with 4 nuts per side then they would be
universal fit. also watch out for metric nuts being on the part as the 1/4 28 bolts will not work...


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ok thanks for that.

I have ordered them and will see what I get. I do have the old ones(without straps) and they have four fixed nuts so I may just take what I need from the new ones. If that works then I would question why they don't have a repair kit.

I'll post my findings when done.



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I will be most interested when you get the new ones. The ones that TRF had in the past were not serviceable. The strap that moves in and out of the A post was made of some inferior material that degraded to mush in no time. Leaving the entire part worthless. Which I would guess is what is wrong with your old ones as well. I have tried to make up a new strap piece but have not perfected anything to date. My latest try is using an all metal strap designed with a similar pattern to the original. It works fair at best. It will not hold the door open on a hill. I think if I made the strap any thicker it would destroy the two rollers that it moves between.


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I have received and installed the new check straps. It was quite frustrating getting the first one maneuvered into place and ended up forcing it a bit. That resulted in the rear bracket that attaches to the side wall getting a bit bent but that was easy enough to correct. So for the second one I prebent it and it went in quite easily. The left bracket installed on the right hand side works just fine with no mods. The pointy end of the pins is facing up instead of down but you can't see it.
You would think someone would build a repair kit for these as all that is needed is the guides and check strap.
Anyways I can confirm you can use a left checkstrap on the right side and it works just fine - for early TR4. These check straps came from Moss and had all 4 fixed nuts.
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