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E Type S1 1966 2+2 4.2L steering column


Hi Guys,
A quick question for all you knowledgeable bods out there. A few years ago I replaced the felt bushes in the upper section of the steering column, and for the last few months (maybe longer) it has developed a squeal when turning the steering wheel. Tomorrow I am going to remove the upper section to see what the problem might be. I have tried to squirt some WD40 in all the right places but it has made little or no difference.
Has anyone had a similar problem who could offer some advice on what I might find when I remove it?

Thanks in advance for your input.

David Tinker. Wales UK


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
WD-40 is likely to be less help than you hoped. IIRC, regular motor oil should be used in the felts.


David, years ago, when I re-did the column in my '64, I remember soaking the felts in motor oil before I installed them. I never had a squeak after that.
WD-40 is a water displacement chemical... not a lubricant... get some real grease in there.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Regular motor oil, Kenny. Those things are a real challenge to replace, too. Like shovin' a live python in a sewer pipe. Keeps wrigglin' some other direction.


Hey guys, notice when David registered! He was one of the first members in our first week of operation here (I'm still not sure how he found us way back then). Nice to see you again David!

27 posts in 6 years? wow.


Hi Basil and everyone, Thanks for the welcome back! I found the site by accident searching for something Jaguar or MGTD/TF which is my other hangup! I have never actually been away, due to a couple of computer changes and when I lost my password I just lurked for a while.
Thanks to you guys for helping with my steering squeak, but in fact I misled you all!! It was not the felt bushes I replaced because my car does not have these instead it has Elastolan bushes and it was these I renewed. They are still in excellent condition but just dry so a liberal coating of rubber grease did the trick. Now I must try to cure the rough running some days it idles fast at running temp some days it is normal. If I did not know better I would swear that somebody is getting under my bonnet and twiddling the screws!!

David Tinker. Wales UK
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