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Dry Sump BMC Engine


Jedi Warrior
Hey Boys

Anyone have any info on a Dry Sump BMC engine a friend dropped one off the other day and said sell it.



Jedi Trainee
Factory type or something aftermarket? The factory put an external oil pump on the A-Series back in the 60's and it was driven by a matching distributor drive type gear up where the fuel pump eccentric would be. Quite a few of the old BMC649 type cams came with the two drive gears on the cam. A picture would help narrow down what you have. The drysump part would be valuable to some of the vintage types if it is indeed the external adapted oil pump. The parts are what will sell the engine. Head, cam, rods, crank and the like.



Jedi Warrior
Factory type

Working on some pictures. It has the 649 cam with two drive gears on the cam

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