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Dropped off the engine for the Vauxhall last week


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And these were in the shop. The Aston BTW the owner of the engine shop had the pistons custom made for a fraction of what OEM cost.




Great Pumpkin
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Did the same with Ferrari V-12s, JP. Not to mention the amount of TIME it takes to get 'em shipped from across th' pond!

We used Wesco, in Ohio. They'd make a "baker's dozen" for about the price of <span style="font-style: italic">two</span> OEM jugs!

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I used to use Egge Machine, Get all the oversize and special offsets we ever could use for Flatheads.


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Not sure where he got them but they were going to the USA. I thnk he said he paid about $140 each. We were considering getting them made for the Vauxhall till i found an OEM set for more economical.
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