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Drop Stop


Staff member
I just ordered a set of "Drop Stops" from The Container Store. These are little neoprene-covered foam strips that attache to the seat belt base and prevent you from dropping stuff down the space between the seat and center console.

I'm forever dropping stuff down there so I'm hoping these will solve that problem.



I might need a set for the Miata.I was doing something in the interior
& put one of the bolts in the center console.Turns out that there's a hole on
the side of it,so had to pull the whole thing out to retrieve it.


Great Pumpkin
After a while I started to call those places "Chasms of the Unknown". Found everything from coins to prophylactics, switchblades to pacifiers in cars I've serviced. My Brit pal even found a .45 round inside a Jaguar console, down in the shift mechanism once.
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