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TR6 drill and tap for a grease fitting tr6 rear hub assembly


Luke Skywalker
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I did this about 18 years ago on my TR250 and would like to do it on my TR6. I believe I got the info from this forum. On the rear hub I drilled into the bearing housing and inserted a grease fitting. Now I've got grease-able rear hubs. The car i'm restoring has been sitting for 30 years and although the hubs spin very smoothly I would like to get some fresh grease in there and not have to loose sleep over it. Anyway I don't remember how to do this and did some internet searching and found nothing. hoping someone hear has done it and explain the procedure. I did practice on another hub and can't get the hole all the way into the housing.


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Drilling and tapping the hole is the simple part. You really need to disassemble the hub first.

More pics at http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-36/TR6-36.html




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I would think adding a fitting would not be bad after overhaul of hub. That being said where was it sitting inside or out? My 1973 TR 6 has never been touched but driven a lot. adding grease in a time frame ounce a year would cause added pressure and leak. As the diff. has no drain plug just add as needed as per book. It would be better to add a drain plug there, I have wanted to do that for years. I have run universal joints with and without fittings lasted the same. There are more ideas out there door is open let it in. Madflyer


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As i remember they had you starting out with a 1/8" bit at a 45* angle and go all the way through . I hit something hard and the bit stopped drilling. Figured it was the bearing race but in your pic ed_h looks like I should have cleared them. In that artical they kept reminding you to keep grease in the flutes of the bit and tap so the sticky grease would catch the metal shavings and keep them from falling into the hole. That would have the opposite effect of trying to prolong the hub bearings. As I said I did this on my TR250 and have put 21k on it since. Up o 66k.
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