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Drainage Channel Where It Meets The Shroud


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I am getting towards the end of a very long restoration. So long I think it may need another before it hits the road. I purchased a new drainage channel because mine was cut into pieces and installed incorrectly years ago by an autobody shop. My question is should the drainage channel come all the way to the end of the shroud so the chrome finisher has another point to attach to or should it really be like in my picture.


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Darth Vader
Hi Peter,

Simple answer, yes the channel goes to the end of the shroud...at least that is how it is on my Healey with the original shroud and channel. Keep in mind that the top has a flap extending down into the channel when errected to drain water into the channel.

All the best,


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It doesn't go to the end on my unrestored BJ7. Here are some reference pics.


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Healey Nut

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Two BJ8s and they both finish with the drain channel slightly short of the end just like the pics .


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Hi All,

Since the channel has flat ends and the inner rear panel securing strip extends from very close to the door opening (thickness of panel) on an angle, I guess there would be a small space to allow these to reside next to each other.

Keep in mind that the drain channel is ridged one piece item and, when positioned, must be close to the drain tubes in each rear corner. These relatively fixed connections will only allow small positional movement and, as a result, the channel's ends will be set by where they fall.

All the best,


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My BJ7. Installed in original holes


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