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TR6 Drain the fuel tank - five year old gas?


I haven't started the car in almost five years. It's been sitting in my garage and this is in NC so it does not get that cold. I pulled the plugs and put a little bit of 5W-20 oil in each of the cylinders and turned over the engine several times. I also pulled the radiator out and cleaned it with my garden hose. Now my question is do I need to drain the gas and put new gas in her? Also will I need to clean the carbs up to get gas to go through them?


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I wouldn't be surprised if the carbs' needle valves were stuck and the rubberlike air valve diaphram deterioated. Other flexible carb parts such as the throttle shaft seals and the throttle bypass diaphragm may need replacement but those two items shouldn't prevent you from at least starting the engine..
As far as draining the gas tank...I would.


Okay good to know. I think my local environmental center will take the gas.

Bob Claffie

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We had a similar question this summer with my son's long stored MG. We drained the gas but on reflection I don't think it was necessary. Bad (old) gas really STINKS. Our gas came out smelling as though it was fresh. Give yours the "nose" test and you may save yourself some extra work. Blow out the lines and run some gas through the system (before the carbs) and check for sludge and sediment and you may get a pleasant surprise. Bob


What part of NC?

Regardless, I would siphon out the old gas and mix it slowly (in small portions) with the gas you burn in other vehicles or lawncare equipment. A little bit mixed in will only slightly affect the larger volume and you won't have to wait for a collection day.

As Poolboy said, a number of other things will need attention. If you parked the car with the float bowls full you are likely to find the float valves gummed up and the mixture jet and needle may also be gummed up. As a minimum I would consider removing the float bowls to clean everything out before trying new gas. On our GT6 this can be done (with care) without removing its carbs from the intake.

Don't forget that after you put the new gas in the tank you should pump a bit of fuel through the system into a catch bucket, then replace the old filters. That should prevent old gas and debris from making it to your carbs.

Unrelated to the engine's gas and oil, if parked for 5 years, you may also want to flush the brake system to get new fluid in there.
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