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MGB Donor Rover 3500 P6B for my MGB


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Hi all, I've read lots of information on here about different engines for a V8 swap, (sorry all the purists), and also using a better diff for the V8.
So do you think its possible to use the Engine, and diff from a 1976 Rover3500 P6B, and is there anything else i could use from the donor car?

Really appreciate any thoughts
Cheers Glenn


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You could use that motor but it is a pretty weak one in terms of output compared to more modern stuff, and I doubt there is anything else on the car that would be of use. You'd want a later Rover 5 speed no doubt and that would likely cost as much as the whole P6. The later SD1 spec were better, but you can still better it with a modest modern 4 cylinder or a V6. But it depends on what your goal might be. Either way it will cost you a lot of time and money so choosing a lacklustre engine to save a few bucks at the beginning doesn't make a lot of sense.


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Thanks Bill, Yeah the SD1 looks a better swap. I was just after the V8 grumble, more than the HP really, DO you know if the SD1s Diff is usable? as i think the ratio is a little higher that the 3500.


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The rear ends are very different and it would take a lot of work to fit the Rover rear end to the MG. Better to just buy a new gear set for your car - a longer ratio. Which axle do you have, banjo (early) or Salisbury (later). You can buy new gears to suit your needs or use some out of an MGC.


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The diff i have is a DeDion. The gears over in Aus are hard to come by and pretty expensive, but i'll keep on looking.

Really? That is different. What car is it out of?

The Salisbury late MGB diff has some weaknesses (thrust washers, usually) but it came from a small commercial vehicle so it is reasonably strong and ratios of 3.3 and 3.07 are available.
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