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Do you agree with the Jaguar F-Type consumer reviews?


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How much faith do you put into feedback and customer reviews when you are thinking of making a big purchase? Websites are full of consumer reviews on everything from TV’s, Lawn Mowers, Vacuum Cleaners, to Vehicles. You have to decide if you will trust these complete strangers with helping sway your decision to buy or not buy a particular brand or model.

The average consumer rating for the F-Type was 5.5 out of 6 stars!

Full story at: https://www.torquenews.com/3477/consumers-reviews-are-2015-jaguar-f-type#sthash.aRSrCbnx.dpuf



I look for negative reviews from folks that seem like they know what they are talking about.


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Very true..............like I said in the article, most of the negative comments were really only complaints about size/space or options that they wished were standard :smile:


Luke Skywalker
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You can't really know about things like reliability anyway until a model has several years and thousands of miles. Factory testing never really equals real world experience, look how many times cars from all manufacturers find premature wear or poorly designed components after in service times mount. For example I've had the driver's interior door handle replaced twice in my 99 Corolla due to what I think is a poor design that just doesn't stand up to repeated use in only 134k miles. But each handle will last 4-5 years if careful before breaking the plastic attaching pin. So I look at how well something meets my needs and if there are unusual complaints and trust to luck for the rest.

As for owner complaints, the best one I've run across was that the number one complaint of Smart car owners was, Not enough room to haul a passenger and stuff at the same time.... Well, duh...


Obi Wan
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If TATA has made the Jag as reliable as the new Land Rovers, then they are on the right track. Yes, the new Land Rovers are said to be very reliable.


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I agree with what Mike Phillips said, the more useful reviews to me come after the cars have been driven a bit longer. I don't need to review to figure out if it is a smaller or bigger car, and in any event most anything seems big to me, as my formative years were spent driving a Sprite, followed by "big" sports cars like MGBs and TR4s. The useful reviews will tell me about tendencies to blow head gaskets or ongoing electrical issues, stuff I probably can't figure out myself from a test drive. I do car about driving experience etc., but you can usually get a pretty good idea about that from road tests, although sometimes I think magazine road testers are a little jaded, or spoiled or trying to hard to be sophisticated and discerning, and it is good to hear what "regular enthusiasts" say about driving the car. MSN Autos and Cars.com often have a large pool of user reviews to read.


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Truly one of the most beautiful cars made today....jaguar always is leading design to this day.


Darth Vader - R.I.P
"As for owner complaints, the best one I've run across was that the number one complaint of Smart car owners was, Not enough room to haul a passenger and stuff at the same time.... Well, duh..." You gotta love that comment Another possible removal from the gene pool. :encouragement: As to the "F" type, I personally think the styling if a '10'. I have a Lexus SC430 and I think that styling is a '10' as well and it is pretty much in the same lines. My Lexus is a 2005 so not new and I think much better styling that the new Lexus. Anyway I digress, Tata is doing the Jaguar marque well. Besides the E-Type, I really like the XJS style. After all I fancy myself a James Bond Babe. (NOT)


Senior Member
LOL......now that is a good one! Yes, I always liked the Lexus SC430, but to me it needed better looking tires/wheel combo, but the styling on the car was sweet in its day!
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