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difficult bolt access


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Recently saw a comment on the difficulty of replacing filler bolt in Bugeye tranny after servicing. I shot a light coating of contact cement into the socket to hold the bolt upside down, used a 2" jointed extension on the rachet wrench, and the bolt was in place in a couple of minutes. Also use contact cement on end of finger to hold nut in place when my whole hand won't fit into tight places; i.e.surround trim, etc. Others probably do this but I haven't seen any reference to it.


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Great tip


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I've done more actual hands on work on this latest edition of Bugeye I'm working on and I marvel at the difficulty involved in some of these design challenges when I think about the assembly line and the time and patience those guys were called on to deal with day in and day out. I'm no genius but I'm constantly brainstorming changes that would speed up and simplify the building of these machines. Why wouldn't the design engineers do the same?


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Was shown this decades ago by the parts manager at the Alfa-Lotus dealership. He'd been a Marine who survived Inchon.

A small piece in a socket or the end of a screwdriver. He called it his "Aluminum Magnet."

A lifetime supply:



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Glad to offer the suggestion.

Forgot to say any excess that might be left on parts can be wiped off with mineral spirits.
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