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TR6 Differential / Rear Axle


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Evening everyone. I have a couple of questions about my 73 TR6.

1)Can the axle shaft bearing and oil seal on the differential be changed w/o dropping the whole differential?

2)I was looking at GoodParts Axle/Hub Assembly, CV Joint kit for the stock differential. Has anyone used these and if so what were your experiences?
Did you like them? Ease of installation, etc. I know some grinding of the trailing arm housing is required to remove any ridges.

Thank You in advanced for any answers suggestions etc.

Thank You
1973 TR6


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1) The Bentley manual, p. 339, section 51.10.02 has an operation: "Inner shaft bearing and oil seal - remove and refit" which is done wth the diff on the car.

2) When I bought my '74 TR6 last August, my mechanic replaced the hubs with GoodParts' - he liked them a lot. Reasonable price and assembled ready-to-go.

Be careful of stripping the studs on the soft aluminum trailing arms. Pattonmachine.com has repair kits for this problem. I haven't done this but it seems like a good idea.
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