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Dead tach


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The tachometer in my 72 BGT gave up the ghost today. It is numbered 1439/00, do I have to find this one exactly or will another number work?


Great Pumpkin
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I would just bet that Tony has one.


Jedi Warrior
I would imagine that any of the tachs would work, as long as the connections on the back are the same. It might help if you had a pic of the back of the tach. I think I have a later model tach in my box o' spares, but if not, I would imagine that Tony would have one.


Senior Member
I don't have a digital camera so can't do a picture but I can tell you there is 3 wires, 2 whites with bullet connectors and a green with a spade connector. I have a tach from a 67 but it only has 2 wire connectors. Thanks, Warren


The green wire should be switched power, the case should have a ground lug. Describe the two white wires. Are they looped on the back of the tach? This sounds like an RVI tach and if so, any 4-cylinder RVI tach will work fine in its place. You should find "RVI" printed somewhere on the gauge face.

Keep in mind that if you remove an RVI tach from the car, you have to connect the remaining white wires behind the dash (to each other... and insulate them) or the car will not run. Those white wires carry power from the ignition switch to the ignition coil.

You can also replace the RVI tach by fitting an RVC tach (voltage sensing) in its place. To do this, connect the white wires behind the dash as mentioned above and pull a new sensing wire from the RVI tach to the low (point's side) of the coil. As before, green wire to switched 12V power and case grounded.


Senior Member
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, that must be why the white wires have male/female bullet connectors. I'll go this route if I can't locate the correct "RVI" tach. Thanks for the information.
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