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Cylinder Head Input/Exhaust Circlip/Split pin


Obi Wan
Country flag
64 BJ8. When I received my rebuilt engine, it didn't have any Circlips aka Split pins in the Collets.
I'm assuming the rebuilder forgot to install them?

Moss #73 Circlip
Workshop Manual #39 Split Pin
Workshop Manual #38 Collet

What is their purpose?
Should I buy them and install?


  • 2805AFF0-A42E-46E5-9F84-CC90FFDC90FC_1_201_a.jpeg
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  • A8F68B58-90D5-479A-A8BF-626B87438811_1_201_a.jpeg
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  • 193375ED-C2AD-410F-8381-B30FABEBCE08_1_201_a.jpeg
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  • A95E2E86-4235-4317-9A00-B887592A9ED5.jpeg
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John Turney

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My valves, in the aluminum head built by Denis Welch, don't have them either. Looking at the construction, their purpose seems to be to hold the two cotter pieces in place while the valve springs and valve cap (Moss #69) are assembled. Once assembled, the cotter/collet is held in place on the valve stem by the cap and springs.


Obi Wan
Country flag
Thanks John. Makes sense.
Moss catalogue show quantity required as 12.
Would they also serve as a safety clip, leave them on?
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