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TR4/4A Crank Bolt Size

Geo Hahn

Country flag
Just a quick question -- what size is the head of the crank bolt on a TRactor engine?

All I recall is that it is a size I do not have in a 6-point -- I know where to borrow one but do not remember what it takes (and want it on hand before I start disassembly.



Jedi Knight
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1 1/8 I checked the one in my parts box.
Geo Hahn

Geo Hahn

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This will be to replace the front seal on the TR4 so I am hoping I can just get the radiator out of the way and sneak in there. When I did the TR3A I used a 6-point socket and a breaker bar braced against the frame -- then bumped the starter. Came loose fine. I'll try that way first.
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