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MGB-GT Cowl vent drain question


Freshman Member
New member here and have two questions:
1. Would like an opinion on cleaning or removing "Tom's Knob" from the drain tube. It is clogged and can't seem to get it to drain. Recently washed my 73 GT and found standing water in the fresh air box beneath the cowl vent.
2. Anyone have any thoughts about using the Moss leather seat kits for a 73 GT vs buying the "classic seat set offered on their web site?
Would appreciate your help. Thanks


Obi Wan
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Welcome to the forum! You can cut the end off of Toms knob which will allow it to drain. Make sure you're not in the line of fire when you do this or you'll some nasty stuff in your face!


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Easiest way to do it is to put the car on a lift. Take a rod, a welding rod will do and open the duck tail, insert the rod in the tube and break the dirt and debris loose so it can fall out. Keep your face away far enough or wear goggles to keep sand and whatever out of your eyes. Don't ask how I now that! :rolleyes: PJ


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Over time the top of the drain can get blocked by sediment/leaves/etc. Usually the bulb at the end is what gets impacted, though.

Bend a wire coat hanger into a tight closed loop (the long straight part opposite the "hook" end) and gently probe it up thru the bulb of the drain. It's a straight shot to the box, no kinks or bends. Be prepared to get a blob of unsavory gunk coming out!

EDIT: Looks like we're all awake at the same time this morning!
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