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TR2/3/3A copied an old original interior piece and carpet pad


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I am kinda stuck on the carpet pad for this car. I have some thick fabric synthetic padding cut, but I am thinking I might want to add more of a quieting product. I saw that David used something out a tinny looking stuff. I was wondering how that worked out, and how it was for sound proofing plus how does it stay in place. I made some door panels and wind lace, and used an original back seat and got the wheel ach from Tim. They are all black, but the grain is different. Plus I used some oakum for the door B post side recess because IMHO that is what is in that odd shaped little cannel.

Also the I copied an old original interior piece for the holes and white pipping finish.


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I used Dynamat as a sound deadener and heat barrier. It has a foil finish on the up side and a tar like substance on the lower side. That substance is like an adhesive. So it is cut to shape and then pressed on with a roller. I like it a lot. It has been in place for over ten years. There are a lot of newer brands of similar products and likely cheaper. But may well be cheaper made as well. Best source for me was Amazon. I used it on the floors, tranny cover and inside of the firewall.
As for your oakum, you just need something that will hold a tack. I have a piece of the original material and it resembles craft paper that has been wet and then twisted .
I made up some soft wood strips to replace what goes in there. The problem is that mine does not conform to the slot that it has to fit in at all well like it should.


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Thanks Charley I think that is what I saw, the shiny stuff. The climate I live in is so damp that I am looking for something I can remove without too much trouble. I drive the cars all year round, at least some and water would get between the 2 layers. I am still not sure what the stuff is in the channel. I agree, the original stuff looks like paper. The oakum I use was oil dipped made up of three twisted 3/8 strands which came 27 inches long; it is on the internet. I untwisted one strand off and the other 2 packed in nice plus it should work for a water seal. I used #4 by Âľ screws with the small cup because that was what was in there. They held well and pulled the panel in probably because of those little metal crimps keying the oakum in place at the B post.


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I mentioned that the "oakum" strip is primarily to hold a tack. What I was referring to is the fuzzy weatherstrip that is tacked to that strip. Then over that is the interior dog leg panel. I just checked the TR3 body that I am working on and found that there are holes in the metal behind where you put the oakum. Those holes I believe are from the longer screws for the interior panel. So if anybody has a problem keeping the screws in place you just need to use a long enough screw to get to the metal behind the "oakum" strip.
If you want to be able to remove the insulation material then you DO NOT WANT the Dynamat. Getting that stuff off would be a nightmare.


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You would have a hard time getting the stuff I used off once it is stuck down. The product I used is Fat Mat. A layer of foil and then an insulating layer backed with a sticky surface.

I do not know how much it insulates the sound or heat because I installed it before I drove the car. When I had the transmission cover off during my conversion to an OD transmission I was surprised how warm it got in the car.



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I used some foil-backed insulation (from somewhere like Home Depot) that is used to wrap water heaters and such. Held it in place with aluminum tape. May not be as good as purpose-designed products, but has held up well for more than 5 years. I think it reflects heat well (also used in in my TR6), but may not dampen sound that well. But trying to dampen sound on a TR3 may be quite a challenge! Cheers, Mike
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