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compression test procedure on 1500 midget


Jedi Warrior
Can someone detail out to me the test procedure and what to look for in the compression readings of the test for a 1500 midget?


Jedi Warrior
from the test saw the following:
#1 120
#2 145
#3 90
#4 140

repeated a wet test on #3 which didin't change the result.
with the combination of the low pressure in #3 and oil spitting out the tailpipe and burning about 1 qt oil every 50 miles I figure I have a bad valve...?
or your rings are shot.



The dry/wet results for #3 point towards valve problems. Did you also perform a wet test on #1?

A leak-down test will tell you more about where the problems are on #1 and #3.
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