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Coming to a Snap On Calendar near you.


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My 1966 Austin Healey Sprite will be featured on the August 2014 Snap On calendar. Just thought I'd share with you all.



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Cool! Congrats! Though given the size of the calendar I guess they could only use small cars.


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Congratulations! Glad to see the Square Sprites represent!

I'd still say that 90% of the time, people look at me cockeyed when I tell them I own an Austin Healey Sprite. Then when I explain it's basically the same as an MG Midget, I get he "Oh, I know what you're talking about" look. Although, I'd bet that when most people hear "MG" they automatically assume MGB, but the Square Spridget's familial resemblance is close enough. I do admit, I have been tempted to get personalized tags "NOTANMG" :chuncky:
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Way to go! Is that color "primrose" yellow?


I was thinking this thread was going to say that the calendar had returned the common format from 30 years ago with sexy women shown in the pictures.

Congratuations! Your car looks great even though it's not half-naked!


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I have been tempted to get personalized tags "NOTANMG" :chuncky:

I had the plate "NOTA MG" for several years because of the same reaction.


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AWESOME!!! congrats and hilarious comment JP!
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Thought so:smile: we got as close to it as we could when we painted our Bugeye last year.


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