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Coil Wire Terminations


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Positive earth car: the wiring diagram depicts the coil having an 'SW' and 'CB' terminals; my coil is marked '+' and '-'. The solid white wire goes to which terminal? My demo notes referred to the coil label being on top and wire colors on left and right. During refurbishing I cleaned the coil and put a new label on- and maybe not in the same location.
Trying to get the car fired up after 15 years of restoration. Good lord, 15 years.


SW [switch] CB [contact breaker] If you have negative ground the + side of the coil should come from the switch and the negative side go toward ground through the contact breaker.



Per the above, white wire to the coil (-) terminal, coil (+) terminal to the distributor wire on positive ground cars.


Whoop's ....overlooked the positive ground statement...Doug's got it!:eagerness:

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