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TR2/3/3A Cog v-belt causing noise.


Jedi Warrior
I just replaced my generator with an alternator. I kept my original wide belt pulley. Today I took a 150 mile drive and could hear a "whirring" sound coming directly from the alternator. Got home and took the belt off. The bearings sound and feel fine (spinning by hand). I used a cog belt (top and bottom cogs) and had the tension set properly. Could it be that I'm hearing the belt contacting the v groove in the pulley? If that's the case I can live with the sound.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I'd be looking for where the rotor or the fan is just kissing something, under the load from the belt.

Or is this like the old Rolls Royce commercial with the loud clock?


Jedi Warrior
Or is this like the old Rolls Royce commercial with the loud clock?
I put the old solid v belt on and the noise went away. Apparently the cogs need a few miles to conform to the pulley.
And yes, it may be a case of the loud clock. Since I had the head reworked, the motor runs much smoother and quieter.


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I'm worried about your mufflers. They are way to quiet if you can hear a belt whirring!


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That's not as bad as arguing with yourself.
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