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Cobra Monaco Racing Seats in a BE


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A buddy just picked up a pair of older Cobra Monaco racing seats, and they`d fit in a BE (with various challenges such as installing with sliders, totally inadequate (for us old farts) seat foam of maybe 0.5 inch, etc. etc.)

What intrigues me is the safety aspect:
- they`re set up for 4 point seat belts, such that it appears you could mount the shoulder straps in the BE `trunk`area, and the seat construction (steel) would prevent any spinal compression in an accident
- high enough to provide neck and head protection in case of being rear-ended.
However, the aesthetics are a bit of a concern.

I have been thinking of getting a roll bar fabricated (to protect against getting t-boned in an intersection) and to provide a structure to put some sort of head support pad plus three or four point seat belt mountings, and these seats would provide a partial solution to my concerns.

Anyone have experience or photos of similar installations
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