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Clutch problem

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
Country flag
So I have found a fix for a heavy clutch :smile:.
Needless to say stick shift driving season will possibly be a little delayed this year .
Automatic Healey anyone ? Never that would be sacrilege.
Ah well it did get me some time off work so maybe I will get some build time in the garage on my Tri Carb project .
I have a couple of those wheeled scoot around seats and an office chair in the shop so all may not be lost .
Be careful on stairs and don’t change your mind 1/2 way and turn around .....it doesn’t end well .


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Great Pumpkin
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Be careful on stairs and don’t change your mind 1/2 way and turn around .....it doesn’t end well .

Be careful on stairs and don’t change your mind 1/2 way and turn around .....it doesn’t end well .___LOL


Jedi Knight
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The big issue is that splint is so big you'd probably hit the brake and clutch together.....perhaps if you could stagger their position so the clutch is depressed before the brake you could drive that way😄.

Many years ago I broke my ankle at the end of a skydive, old round parachute, tall grass and hidden rock in Maine. I had never been on crutches before and didn't realize intuitively that when going down stairs you must put your crutches at least one step below the one you are standing on. It was easier going upstairs and obvious what to do. At the top of the stairs, with the crutches adjusted a bit too tall, I stepped out into space and went over center on the crutches, launching myself down the stairs. Landed on my back and my broken foot slammed down on the remaining stairs. Thank heaven for fiberglass casts. No additional injuries and my reaction......uncontrollable laughter.

Be careful, there's a planet out there and it's pointed right at you. Also, gravity isn't just a good idea....it's the law.
Healey Nut

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
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Tks for the support everyone .
im waiting on an appointment to see an orthopaedic surgeon to see if they are going to let it heal or go in and fix it .
So at present healing time is somewhere between 3 weeks to 3 months .
Meanwhile all the bruising is starting to show .....some very interesting shades of various hues of purple and yellow , not sure if any of them would suit a Healey .
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