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Clutch Peddle Box- Refresh my memory


Jedi Trainee
A while back during a discussion about a clutch not disengaging there was a comment about the lobe where the peddle attaches to the clutch master. For the life of me I can't find that again.

My question is while replacing my clutch master today I noticed that the hole in the lobe has been rounded out a bit. I remember someone saying this can lead to a problem, but I'm not sure I remember all the details. Am I fine if I can get the pin in? Would some J-B Weld fill the hole in a little better, or will it matter?

-for reference I've been fighting air in the line for a while so I'm resorting to replacing the slave and master trying to track the problem down.


Great Pumpkin
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By lobe you mean the piston? I'm confused, the pedal does not attach directly to the M/C.


Jedi Trainee
Yes, I'm sorry. I was in a panic/anger fit from working all day in the garage with problems and I guess wasn't very specific.

I'm referring to the top of the clutch pedal (guess I couldn't spell in my last post either) where it attaches to the piston. Where the bolt/cotter pin connect the pedal to the piston the hole on the pedal side is worn to an oval. I remember someone saying that this can cause an issue with the clutch travel.

I suppose I just need to take a deep breath and keep searching. I'm sure I'll find it again soon.


Senior Member
It can of course reduce clutch travel, but I think that would be minor. Don't use a bolt where the threads will ride on the clutch pedal. The contact pressure will wear the pedal hole even more. The contact surface between the pin and pedal arm should be the flat shaft of a pin (or bolt if you are so inclined). A little grease keeps it from squeaking and wearing. If it's so worn a lot it still won't cause a problem, I'm talking maybe more than an eighth inch, then give it a weld with the MIG and drill it out again. An eighth inch at the pin equals maybe an inch at the pedal pad, but if that's a problem, then you have other problems too.


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Agree completely. And welcome to the kitty cat from Copenhagen. LOL


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I have the same "ovaling" problem with my clutch and brake pedals on The Little Car...
My thought was to drill it out and put a bushing in there - granted I would have to replace the bushing every now and then, but that would not be a big deal.
Haven't done it yet - I'm in the mode of "if it ain't broke..."


Great Pumpkin
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Hay, what you have now took 40 years to get that way. Weld it up and redrill, call it a job well done.


Jedi Trainee
I agree. Normally I wouldn't have given it a second thought, but it just seems I read about someone having trouble tracking a problem down and someone saying this (or something similar) could be the culprit. I remember at the time being surprised and not entirely following what the issues involved were, but I filed it away in the old cabinet. I'll keep searching and post any findings. This may turn out to be amusing- it was probably a discussion about something entirely different. We'll see. :smile:
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