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TR6 Clutch pedal noise


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New noise. Stepping on the clutch pedal produces a single loud click about halfway down. Like something is slipping in or out of position. You can feel it in the pedal. Never did this before. Clutch operates normally. Any ideas?

Alfred E. Neuman

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If you can feel it in the pedal, chances are it's in the master cylinder or the pedal box itself. Does the clutch engagement do anything new, like shudder where it didn't do that before?


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Rain finally stopped so car came out of garage. Pushed pedal a few times. 50% of the time, some noise was heard. Shot some WD 40 on the pedal shaft and worked the clutch a few times. Noise seems to have stopped. For over 20 years, the clutch has been operating normally but pedal very stiff compared to Alfa. Or maybe I'm getting weaker. Since I haven't driven another TR6, I don't know how stiff the pedal should be but it catches low (Alfa catches high) and doesn't show any signs of slipping or strange noises. I think it was replaced by PO.
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