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TR6 Clutch Hose, SS Vendors

Martin Secrest

Senior Member
Amidst my clutch cylinder rebuilds, I'm replacing the very old plastic hose to maybe upgrade to stainless.

I see this option is available from British Parts NW for $25+shipping, but I'm on the east coast. Anyone know of another place to get it? Not TRF apparently.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Ted Schumacher (TSi) has them. Not sure if they're shipping (with the virus), but you could give them a call
Not quite east coast (Ohio), but lots closer than Oregon

PS TRF shows them in stock, did they tell you different on the phone?

Martin Secrest

Senior Member
Actually I changed my mind on this, but thanks. SS I decided is not quite worth it to me, so I'm renewing the line and fittings with a conventional hose. 'Stiffer clutch pedal' thing is not high enough on my concerns list.
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