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TR2/3/3A Clutch cross shaft bushings?


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I'm doing the clutch and replacing the cross shaft bushings, amongst other things. I notice that the old one on the right side has a cutout while the left does not. I'm assuming this is to get some lube to the non-existent locating bolt, but it also has the effect of letting some grease come out of the locating bolt hole, which lets me know that grease is getting in when I'm greasing.

Since I am what would probably be considered an "enthusiastic" greaser, this is a good thing. On the inside of the bellhousing there was a lot of grease on the left side (without the cutout in the bushing) but hardly any on the right. I'm thinking of drilling a hole in both new bushings so that I always get a positive indication that grease is getting in but no accumulation inside where it doesn't belong.

What do you guys think?


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Sure why not; you should be able to see in the bell housing with a mirror and a flashlight through the tin cover hole if you think you are getting too much grease that might find its way to the clutch.


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I no longer have the need to see grease come out...with a couple exceptions. Small bearings, like the cross shaft, get one pump at every oil change. That’s plenty. The exception to this are my trunnions. They get pumped until clean grease is expelled.

Also a bit curious...where did your retaining bolt go?


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Interesting. I referenced the parts catalog and it doesn’t show it either, in the photo or description. Both my TR2 and TR3A had the retaining bolt, though. The TR4 box I later rebuilt did not have the bolt, but I can’t remember if the 4 had the hole for it or not.


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My 3A appears to have holes on both sides. Not sure if they're threaded or not. No idea if it's the original transmission or not though.
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