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TR2/3/3A clutch/brake pedal question


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Hi folks.. So I have the brake/clutch assembly apart. Sand blasted..looking good. My question..the grooved rings..Are they supposed to turn/rotate around their respective shaft? The ring on the clutch pedal turns..the brake side doesn't. I dry assembled the unit and the clutch pedal moves freely.. the brake pedal seems to drag. It leads me to think they should both be free. Right or wrong?


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Yes I am kinda sure I know what piece you mean; the piece that looks like collar which helps hold the assembly together like a spacer in place once it is all together. Yes they should both spin so everything moves freely. Some pics would help


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20200331_164230[1].jpgOk..hope this works for sp53. That is collar or ring that was frozen. After reading your reply I shot some penetrating oil used a channel lock pliers to gently(as gentle as one can be with channel locks) and worked it loose. Brake pedal swings free as a bird now. Thanks
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