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TR6 Clunking noise in rear


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I may have previously posted about the clunking noise ever since I installed a Goodparts spacer to even off the spring. I had another TR6 owner bounce the rear up and down and he thought it was a cracked frame due to the Roadster Factory tube shock conversion. I did have the frame welded near the differential mount when I bought this car 20 years ago. Is this a common problem? Is it easily fixed? Should I go back to the lever shocks? Is it dangerous to drive?


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Could be a number of things that need inspecting. I had the tube shock conversion on mine and had a break where the frame crossmember diff carrier met the chassis rail. Could be a diff mount, could be a loose shock, could be a bad u joint,could be something bouncing around in the trunk, could be a bad hub....so many things to check. Personally, I wouldn't want to drive mine before I found the cause of the clunk....



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The loudest most annoying clunking in my TR was resolved for the most part by one simple fix suggested by someone here, one of the genius types. He told me to wrap the brake likes in the same hardware store foam that's used for outdoor pipes. That way, those lines are no longer smacking the underside of the car as I hurtle over the many asphalt cracks and other imperfections in the roads of my near bankrupt community that won't fix them with any of the tax dollars we pay because they've found all kinds of ways to prove the old maxim true.
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