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Cleaning fuel injectors


Luke Skywalker
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Thanks - I was thinking about maybe cleaning the injectors in my 200k mile 2010 BMW motor...


Great Pumpkin
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If you want to make up a more permanent rig and not risk shorting and a spark, I made this adaptor to do the job of energizing injectors decades ago. Audi part number 022 906 231 (and I suspect it to be the Bosch number as well) and a couple wire leads to attach a voltage source. Pardon the dirty appearance, it has done its job for many years.




I thought about that but didnโ€™t have the extra connector and didnโ€™t feel like buying one. If it was something I was going to do frequently then for sure Iโ€™d make one.


Great Pumpkin
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It was a "nice-to-have" and I could walk into the parts room and just get the plug outta the bin! Nobody else thought to do it...

Parts guy: "Whadda you doin' NOW?" ;)
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