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Classic Sports Racing Group at Sonoma Raceway/ Track ride.


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This weekend was the annual CSRG Charity Challenge vintage race at Sonoma Raceway here in Northern California. As part of the event, on Saturday and Sunday, they had "Charity Rides" following the lunch break. One could purchase a 3-lap ride in a competition vehicle, from the fastest and most exotic to slowest and, well, still exotic. Rides were priced accordingly. All proceeds go to the Speedway Childrens Charity and Sonoma County Charities. Being a Healey owner who has spent many days over the past 40 years watching road racing at Sonoma Raceway, and wishing I could take my own car on track for some hot laps, guess what I chose for a ride? Answer: Gary Black's BRG 3000.

I wish I could say "turn up the volume", but with the camera mounted to the right side of my helmet, there is too much wind noise and not enough of the engine(tri-carb) and trans(side shift with Tulip straight-cut gear set) sounds.

I also have plenty of pics, but have yet to go through them. Maybe in a day or two.


Hangtown Healey

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I did the same ride with Gary 10 years ago. It was great.


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Glad you finally got out on the track in a big Healey racer. Gary knows the track pretty well and the weather looked wonderful, a prefect combination for a thrilling ride.

Gary Black # 124.jpg
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