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For Sale Classic center armrest/console for tr2, tr3, tr3a, tr3b, and tr4


Jedi Warrior
Triumph cuo holder.jpgI designed and make these myself. I've been selling them on eBay (still am) for $100 plus $18.00 shipping. I'm now discounting my remaining inventory to BCF members. I've also got a few that fit TR4A and TR6 cars with the e-brake on the tunnel (contact me before you purchase one of these).
These are sturdy and nicely made. The hinged, padded top is real leather. The box is trimmed in matching vinyl. I ship the cup holder loose so you can choose to install it or not. I also include screws for fastening the box to the tunnel. I've never fastened mine. This allows me to slide it fore and aft or remove it at times.

Price: $75.00 free shipping
Russ Lukens lukeee@verizon.net

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