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Choke cable turnion

Rob Glasgow

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Years ago I lost the small fitting (trunion I think it's called) that attaches the choke cable to the choke lever on my BT7. I have used a small screw, nut and 2 flat washers to clamp the cable to the lever since then. See the attached photo. I would like to find the correct replacement item but haven't found them listed in the normal suppliers. I did find two possibilities supplied by Burlen in a recent post about carb float bowls but am not sure either of these are correct. Anyone out there with a BT7 know if one of the two photos I've attached is what I need and is there a US source for them?


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The one in the 3rd pic looks the most familiar to me, used in a multitude of applications (including heater and vent cables) and I can't positively say it's what was on your BT7, but I wouldn't hesitate to use one as the substitute.

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