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MGB chips are down, no markers


Jedi Warrior
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well no maker lights or brake lights
I think its a 70 B still waiting on the paper work, more later on that.
but its neg earth with an altinaotr and the Horn push is on the stalk.
the wires are .... creative. most are not their orginal color all the way.
they were working.
now I have changed the head lights to halogen. so i have been at the oily wires at the starter sylonoid.

ok i agree to buy the car in febuary I picked it up in may, and the silly kid who I bought it from finaly turned in the paper work friday. good thing I have three cars.

ideas of where to look? the switch seems ok.


Great Pumpkin
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Start with the connections (Lucar) at the starboard side under-hood, close to the firewall. That's the main junction to the rear of the car. Check for voltage there and if present work to the rear. If those are without current, suspect the switch. All you'd need for test equipment is a 12V test light.


Jedi Warrior
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well the switch checks out. we are getting fuses are getting power. so some thing happens in all four of the red wires heading to the corrners of the car. the brake lights are out. but the turn signals are fine.
looks like saterday is going to be cleaning all the electridal contacts ..


Jedi Warrior
im in the middle of that now. once i got a rhythm going i felt like i was making progress. so far i only have the cluster above the coil done. moving to the front two clusters in the best few days. when and if you find any other grounds up front besides the one that is above the coil with three or four black wires running to it please let me know where they are. I tried to solder the bullet connections to but had no luck getting them hot enough, over kill? Maybe but its like hanging a door, why use a one inch screw when you can use a three inch screw. let us know how you make out.


Jedi Warrior
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well it looks like it was a rusted bulb on the front, i re ran the wires to the two fronts and grinded out the bad bulb, then pushed in LED. and everything works.
now i just have to fix the water collector under the windscreen vent and get the heater back in and im good.
oh i just notice the rear window (its a gt) has the heater elments where is the switch for that?
the jag gose away for the winter today.
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