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Cheapskate alert...


Jedi Hopeful
Ok, I'm hoping somebody can help me here.

I'm looking for the patterns to make my own TR-6 Kidney Panels.

You know the pieces that run from the dash support back, that some folks install speakers into...

I know I can get 'em for like $40, but, better living by doing it myself.

Just like iodine... Although the seaweed press was a bit pricy.

Anyhow, if you have yours out and don't mind tracing around them onto a piece of paper and then either scanning and posting, or mailing them to me that would be most swell.

I'm busy today enjoying the snow going parallel to the surface of the earth. Reminds me of the rain in Scotland. Where, were it not for the sides of buildings and trees to catch the rain there would be no water.

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