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MGB Car history

Celtic 77

Celtic 77

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I don't know if anyone has ever attempted to locate a previous cars owner through either DMV or some other means. Any thoughts?
I was able to verify an old car's provenance, but I think most DMVs won't give out personal information on prior owners. For my 1957 Morris Minor, I noticed it had old New Zealand safety stickers on the windscreen. So I wrote/emailed the New Zealand DMV, sending a photo of the car, a photo of the New Zealand registration and license plates, and they verified the original date of registration when new in NZ in 1957, and the export of the car to USA in 2015.

To locate a previous owner, I'd think your best bet is to contact car clubs where you got the car, give them car VIN or other numbers, and see if they have any records. The *may* give you a previous owner's name.

Good luck!
Tom M.
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