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TR6 can you get a NEW TR6 hardtop?


Senior Member
I am looking so hard for a new TR6 hardtop before I paint my car. I found a really crappy one on ebay... and I found one on a random site for 500.

I have a fiberglass one, but the seals are gross, and I can't find new ones.... can you buy new seals for one?

Last question: Does anyone know of a TR6 top for sale, in pretty good condition.


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Vanhalenman, to best of my knowledge no one is reproducing these hard tops and a good original goes from $700 to a $1000, the ones for less aways need liners and maybe even windows. Moss and Vicky Brit sell parts for the original, but a good custom uphostery shop should be able to fix the one you have with seals, even JC Whitney sales a bunch of different rubber seals, something should be close enough to get the job done. Wayne


Senior Member
Rimmer Bros. has an original style hardtop shell listed for $792. I am sure that this is a repo, but then again, much of the original body tooling still exists for these cars. They show this as "limited availability". Also listed are all the pieces and parts for the original style.

They also list a "Lenham hardtop for $736, but do not show a picture. I have a feeling that this is fiberglass and has the rounded rear window. I know that I have seen this type for sale in this country, but cannot recall where.

As a side note, I do not believe that you will find a factory original that does not require at least a new headliner, and the majority I have seen are missing the exterior corner trim pieces. The fabric on ours has dried out so badly over the years that it tears very easily. This from a top that has not spent 5 months on the car in 30 years. Oh well, the dealer threw it in when the wife bought the car new.
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