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TR6 Bumper Bars - what is the correct terminology


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I must be having a senior moment as I cannot for the life of me remember the correct name for the bumper bars that fit on a TR6 bumper. Can anyone enlighten me the picture is of my 6 with them fitted but I need to find a replacement rear bar.

thanks all

My TR6.jpg


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Front looks similar but my back rail is level all the way across whereas the Datsun rear one is a different profile, I'll post a pic and also one of the area that needs attention.. Hoping that someone knows if there are still any out there, I thought I saw them for sale at one of the major US distributors a few years ago! If there is a way of repairing and re-chroming mine for a reasonable cost that is an option.

Thanks for the input.

Pictures of damaged area below Looks like it corroded through a crack. Maybe the steel had a seam that split under the chrome?

rear bar.jpgrear.jpg



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Moss was reproducing them a few years ago but I haven’t seen them offered for awhile. I had mine repaired and rechromed when I did my restoration about 12 years ago.


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