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Bugsy was out for his first real romp today! And it was fun!!!!


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I wrapped up R&R on Radius Arms last night and pics of why I was getting a clunk in the rear suspension can be seen below. Definitely can feel the difference. Bushings literally fell out of three of four bushings when I pulled the radius arms out. And hte differencein the way Bugsy drives is fabulous. Clunk is gone, wallowing, floaty rear end feeling is gone and Bugsy simply goes. Today was the first time I had to wind up the 948 and boy does it rev. Cooper S Head with 1.4" IIRC Valves in it, same as a 1275, with HS-2's and a header. Wound it up to 6k and it wanted to keep going. FUN!!!!! Muffler has that WHAAAAAAAAAAAAP Rice Rocket Sound. That needs to go and soon too annoying .

Lot's still to fix, generator isn't generating as I described in another post. Can't get Right Turn Signal or Driving light to light, note to self check the ground. I had a female check the Wire Colors where I spliced the front harness together and per her they all match. Something else up there to be fixed. Rear signal works weakly but it blinks.

Anyway brakes still feel like crap but it is stopping and the LF is squeally. I need to keep playing with brakes and need to retighten E-Brake Cable. I think swapping front end out and putting Discs on will happen very early in November. I wil lssay Bugsy can change directions very quickly. Once I get the brakes dialed in and discs up front and later wheel cylinders in the back I'll feel more comfortable on the street with him. Engine stayed right about 185, 55 lbs oil pressure. Did about 10 miles on curvy twisties and it felt great. didn't want to push it any further without generator working. Well actually with the engine off battery was at 12.46 volts, with engine runing at 1,500 rpm, 12.62 volts that's not going to get it done. Debating on reading up on adjusting the regulator amd for sure getting the Dremel Tool out with a wire brush to clen up all of the terminals on the Voltage Rgulator. **** driving Bugsy was fun today. some time on the Battery Chagers and he may take another trip out tomorrow. Sunny and low 70's perfect top down, wait a minute I don't have a top to put up currently, weather. Goal is to drive for a few more weeks and the start front end rebuild, 3.9 Pumpkin coming, get a new wiring harness on order, alternator and GR Starter on the 1275, full rebuild, get 5 speed installed, some new 14" VTO Wheels from Hap, a bit quieter muffler, better foam on DS Cushion, Lever Arms Shocks reinstalled, and all of the fettling done before Summer. Drive all Summer and paint over next winter. Reassemble Spring of '18. That's the plan gentlemen, Now help me to figure out how to get the generator working and the electrons flowing. I am chuffed.
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Thanks on the list for today. Thanks for the article.


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Make sure you save all your posts about Bugsy4 in some place so you have a nice story from start to finish, if there is finish.
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