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Bugeye seat recline


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Good morning. A bit rusty here as I just bought my ’60 Bugeye back after having solid it 10 years ago, but if memory serves the early cars do not have a provision for reclining the seat back. Sort of swap the seats out are there tips/tricks to get some recline into the seating position for comfort?

Maybe put a small block under the from of the seat mounting point to slightly elevate the front of the seat?



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Allen Hendrix of Hendrix Wire Wheels sells a hinge modification that I installed on both my BE and my Healey 3000. It made driving long distances much more comfortable. It makes the top of the back part of the seat tilt back about 1 to 1 1/2 inches.
You can contact Allen for details.


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we put a tapered piece of hardwood under each of the seat slides to tilt the seat slightly back. One advantage is that it also raised the front edge slightly. Doug


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Anyone got a picture of the mod for the seatback. The problem is that with my reupholstered seats, they are now so comfy the front bolster does not leave much room to the bottom of my MotoLita 14" Wheel. If I was someone with larger thighs, might be a challenge getting in and out of the car, but seats are oh so comfy!


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Original seat back service bulletin.


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