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Brake hard line question


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Please pardon the intrusion for a non-healey question. My son is working on the brakes for his off-road camper van. He is replacing brake lines and encountered the coiled brake line on the van shown in the photo below. The coil is just next to the master cylinder. Is there a design/function reason for the coil in the line or did someone just create the coil to effectively shorten the line and make it fit properly? He said that it appears factory but hard to tell and he doesn't know the full history of the vehicle.

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A coil like that is usually used to cushion two parts where one can move and the other is fixed so the line won't flex and break....

I've seen similar on other, mostly older cars--IIRC, my dad's '65 Mustang had one--but it's usually only one or two coils. Maybe this vehicle had an issue with breaking brake lines? From a "Let's put coils in to absorb the relative movement" standpoint, this is excessive but, to me it looks factory; that's a pretty tricky compound bend near the MC. Maybe he could find a photo of an OEM replacement in one of the online parts catalogs (e.g. Rockauto)? Kind of odd, to me, that they have this on the 'reservoir mounted on the cylinder' layout--you wouldn't expect much if any movement between the two--like you would between an engine and a temp sensor line through the scuttle (for example).

I'm diggin' that offset flare nut "crow's foot," though.
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After thinking about it a bit, putting the coils between a MC-mounted reservoir and the MC makes sense; I suspect the plastic reservoir bounces around a bit whereas the MC should be rigid. Healeys, of course, have a much superior solution: putting a remote reservoir a couple feet away from brake and clutch MCs, and making the MCs nigh impossible to get to.
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