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Brake fluid recommendations


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It is about time to add fluid to the brakes and clutch on my '67 Sprite project. I know the usual suggestion is Castrol LMA and I have always used it in the Prefect, so far with good luck. I put silicone in the VW years ago, however, and it has performed flawlessly. I would like to at least consider if for the Sprite mostly because it doesn't eat paint if there are any leaks. What is your thinking?

John Turney

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I put silicone in my 100-6 for the same reason - doesn't eat paint. I found that after not rebuilding my brakes for 15 years, the rubber parts were still good and the metal pieces looked like new.


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I have only used silicone in the Midget - the only issue I had was a viscosity issue where it was seeping past a seal. I went and found the thickest fluid I could find and problem solved.


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I won't take much to convince me to go that way. What fluid did you finally use JP?
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