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TR6 Brake fluid in 73 TR6?



I just replaced a wheel cylinder on the TR6 and went to bleed the brakes. When adding DOT3 fluid, it looked yellow, separated and appeared to sink to the bottom. I sucked it all out of the master cylinder but need to know what type to replace it with. Could the previous owner have used something else? It looked very clear.

73 TR6
Sounds like the previous owner may have used DOT 5 silicone brake fluid. It's light purple when it goes in, but tends to turn clear over time, especially if all the old brake fluid isn't flushed out with solvent first. You can see an example of the separation (and the silicone turning clear) at https://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/Brakes/Fluid/Fluid.htm

The debate continues over whether DOT 5 is a Good Thing or not. Personally, I love it and use it in all my Triumphs.
It sounds like it is DOT5 in there and I will flush/bleed all the old fluid with new DOT5.

Thanks for your assistance.
kodanja said:
some people still prefer the original Castro...
Do you mean Fidel, as opposed to his brother RaĂşl? :devilgrin:

...or did you mean Castrol? I'm still hoping to find an unopened can of Castrol Girling Crimson Brake Fluid someday....
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