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Brake drum check and lubrication


Jedi Hopeful
With the help from my earlier thread I managed to release the brake shoes on the rear n/s brake drum. ( thank you). I am now about to carry out a check and lubrication of the brake drum components and wanted to check something please.

I have a 17 inch breaker bar to get the stud nuts off the splined adapter and a torque wrench to tighten the new nuts. My question is

What grease/lubricant do I use on the shoe tips, cylinder/backplate slide and adjuster? In the absence of Girling white grease I have read that you should use PBC, White Lithium Grease, Copper grease (some of which I have), PTFE grease etc. Which should I use?

Also, should I use thread loc on when tightening the new stud nuts and what torque should I use, 65-70ftlb?

Once I have done this I intend to adjust the handbrake linkage using the method suggested by Norman Nock to reduce the current 10 clicks.
Thanks again


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Synthetic brake grease (see pic) but apply sparingly. Blue locktite for rear adapter nuts - but on a BJ 7 they're locking nuts as well. 60 - 70 ftlbs is about right. Someone on forum uses a suitable DORMAN replacement for the rear adapter nuts. Any thoughts? GONZO


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Just be careful with the blue loctite. The nuts use the friction from the threads on the studs to torque. The loctite will act like lubrication and could change the torque value.


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Where a true lubricant is desired use COPPA_SLIP !
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Thanks Guys,
All useful info.
I have red loctite and presume it does the same job.
Just use some heat__a hand-held propane torch is plenty hot enough__then crack them loose and they'll come off easy enough.

Do them cold, and you'll fight them all the way off (on a small fastener, say #10 or less, and you might twist them in two).
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