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Brake Bracket


Darth Vader
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I'm sure this will sound weird but, I've been meaning to ask this question for almost 20 years. Well almost.
Well one thing is I haven't mastered the picture inserts yet but here is the question. Does that black bracket holding the brake line seem right to you guys.
Fortunately I have had very good luck with the brakes on my Healey and I have not had to move this bracket often. But here is the issue. To repack the front wheel bearing I have to remove the caliper. To remove the caliper I have to unbolt that bracket from from the caliper stud. I even have to pull that bracket out some even to get the nut completely off. To move that bracket you have to pull and bend the brake pipe just a wee bit. That is the issue to me. That bracket holds the union between the brake flexible hose and the small, short brake hard line between the union and the caliper. In the many years that I have owned this BJ7 I have serviced the brakes and/or wheel bearings only a hand full of times. Each time needing to bend that pipe more than I think is good for the pipe. When will it finally break?
Every time I do this I think to myself this just doesn't seem right to have to bend the pipe just because I want to repack the wheel bearings. So the question still is,
Is this bracket right? Thanks All.


Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
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See attached Re attached , looks right to me


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Bracket installed correctly with curved edge pointing at caliper.

Can't you remove the nuts holding the bracket to the caliper bolts and rotate the bracket upward, thereby making it possible to undo the caliper mounting bolts and swing the caliper out of the way?


Darth Vader
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Thanks for your replies. To Steve, any movement of the bracket means bending the hard brake pipe. The greyish line coming from the brass flare nut towards you in the picture is the hard brake line to the caliper. It is a short line and just makes a small half circle up and around and then down into the caliper. It is that which you can see threaded into the caliper. You will notice that that line is so close to the end of the stud that holds the caliper that the nut won't even come all the way off without pulling the bracket some which then moves the pipe sideways and allows enough clearance that the nut can come off. But this action is constantly bending that hard pipe some. In order to get the bracket completely off of the stud you have to move the brake pipe quite a ways sideways. Each time you do it you realize boy that is really putting a twist on that pipe. To do it once or twice is one thing but to have to do it many times over many years just doesn't seem right to me.
There is no way to rotate that bracket without pulling it off the stud and that bends the pipe. I'm glad to have another set of eyes look at it.

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
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If it was me doing the job I would just disconnect the line from the caliper end and remove the caliper completely.
easy job and not bending anything excessively.
Also take a scrap piece of brake pipe and bend it repeatedly and see how many bends it takes before it kinks and fails .
You will be suprised how rough you can be with it .


Darth Vader
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If it was me doing the job I would just disconnect the line from the caliper end and remove the caliper completely.
easy job and not bending anything excessively.
I hate to bleed brakes.
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